The Benefits Of Leasing Vs. Purchasing

The decision of whether to lease or purchase your new vehicle is one of the most important choices for car shoppers to make. There are many important differences between the two which can help you make your choice. This guide highlights some of the most notable aspects.

Monthly Payments

Monthly lease payments are always lower than they would be if your purchased the vehicle. That’s because you only have to pay for the vehicle’s depreciation and additional rent charges. The depreciation estimate is based on the assumption of a certain amount of miles per year and proper maintenance of the vehicle itself.

Sales Tax

Typically drivers who lease a vehicle will only pay sales or use tax on their monthly payments and any capitalized cost reduction. This means less sales tax paid over a longer period. When purchasing a vehicle sales tax is paid on the full purchase price (although the value of your trade in is often excluded from this amount.

Who Owns the Vehicle

During a lease the dealership maintains ownership of the vehicle. At the end of the lease you can choose to renew your leaser, purchase the vehicle or return it the dealership and pay any associated costs. Purchasing a vehicle means that you are the owner whenever you make your final payment.

Warranty Coverage

All vehicle warranties cover terms of 36 months or less, which means it’s likely that your full lease term will be covered. This helps to ensure fixed costs of driving over that period. If you finance a vehicle your warranty will expire and your costs of driving will be variable.

Trading Vehicles

Drivers who lease have the option to change cars whenever their lease term is up by simply entering into a new lease. Purchasing a vehicle makes it more difficult to change vehicles frequently, since you will be paying for the full cost of the vehicle and description, including any unexpected depreciation (in a lease the risk of unexpected depreciation is carried by the lessor).

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